Garden Clearance

If your garden is overgrown and wild, or you’ve moved somewhere and the garden has previously been neglected, we can help by clearing it ready for a fresh start.

Seasonal Tidy Up

The winter season can be harsh and often the first job in the spring is to clear the garden ready for the new season.

We can provide a complete tidy up of your garden including leaf clearing, trimming wild areas, first lawn cut, rubbish removal and more.

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Garden Clearance - TDG Garden Services
Garden Clearance

Is your garden wildly overgrown.  If it has been left for sometime and wild plants and weeds have begun growing, Stinging nettles almost as tall as you…. Don’t worry, we can help.

We can cut back overgrown parts, trim the wildly growing nettles, clear out all the rubbish gathered and get your garden ready for a fresh start.

We are a licensed waste carrier too so all waste is taken away and disposed of properly.